Week 23 – On Walks

All of this week’s images are ones I took while on walks. Most of the walks were very socially distant, early to mid-morning in my neighborhood. A couple were late afternoon or early evening in East Grand Rapids, where the streets and sidewalks were busier.

Many people seemed to be taking walks “like normal,” in groups, no masks, seeming not to worry about life and death. Some, like me, still worked to keep at least 10 feet away from other walkers.

I took these two images on a walk in my neighborhood.  The color of the flowers in the first image caught my eye. The beauty of grass on the side of the road, easy to miss, inspired the other.

In East Grand Rapids, this weekend, I walked by the park and yacht club, over to the high school, and wandered the football field and track areas. There were a few people working out, but it was mostly empty. I liked the sharp light and shadows under the stands and got some images there.

Finally, one more from a morning walk. It’s imperfect. A bit soft in focus, with magenta flair from the bright sun. But the colors were too pretty to not include it.

web light-2

Stay safe, everyone, as you and those you love figure out what our current steps toward the new normal of the moment look like.

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