Week 9 – Ice, Snow, and Water

This weekend I drove out to Grand Haven. I was curious about how much ice and snow there would be on the pier. There was some, but not as much as I expected. The warm weather has melted a lot.

More than that, when the wind picked up and the waves came in with more force, the field of ice over the water undulated a bit unnervingly. The snow and ice looked like land if you watched it out of the corner of your eye. But it moved. I saw a kid walk out onto the snow and ice and watched his foot sink through and come out soaked when he pulled it free.

Here are three shots. One sets the context of the beach area and pier in the distance. There is a lot of debris. The second shot isolates the pier and lighthouse in the field of snow. And the last, a long exposure, gives you a sense of the mess on the pier.

There were a fair number of people walking around, trying to avoid the water washing up on the right side of the pier as the waves came in. You can see a few ghosts in the last shot, the long exposure.

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