Week 8 – Light and Shadow

Bright sunshine made the past week a rare one this winter in Grand Rapids. I did not enjoy much of it, however, as I was stuck in the house with flu in the second half of the week. But I did find time on the weekend to capture some light and shadow.

I processed the images in black and white to avoid the distraction of color and to play up the texture of the snow. A few warm days, with some melting, and then a sharp turn to cold, sunny weather left the snow icy-crunchy.

The tracks you see in the foreground of the second image are from deer. We had two wander through the backyard the other day. I recognized one as a female we usually see with two young ones, but we did not see the third one. I hope it was lurking somewhere nearby.

The other way I could have gone was images of flu. Not images of me and my wife looking unhappy. (She had it too.)  But material signs of flu around the house.

Cough syrup, pills, cough candies, tissues.

Hopefully next week’s images will be happier. I’d been planning to go to Grand Haven this weekend, to check the ice on the piers and lighthouse. Maybe next week.

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