Week 52 – One Last Sunrise

This looks to have been the last, or second last, pretty sunrise of the year in West Michigan, on Monday the 22nd of December.  I thought it might be a good one, so I drove to a spot I’d had an eye on to photograph it. These are the RR tracks that go under Fulton Street a half-mile east of the East Beltline.

On Christmas Eve day, I drove to visit family in Canada. When I left Grand Rapids at about 6:30AM, the sky was pretty heavy with clouds. By the time the sun came up, I was between Lansing and Flint. It turned out to be a beautiful sunrise there.

The sky was mostly cloudy, but the clouds were filmy enough that the sky was red-orange-brown with light. Low fog on the ground but not in the sky made for some beautiful scenes.  I saw a bunch of spots where I might have captured a beautiful image but decided not to stop. Traffic. (And laziness.)

So this is it for weekly blog posts for 2019. The next one will be in January 2020. (Not the start of a new decade, technically; that will be 2021. But I won’t fight the 2020 new decade hoo-haw.) Here are my three favorites from Monday’s sunrise, one of them the cover image for this post.

The black and white image faces northwest. Since the light was not very interesting in that direction, I processed it in black and white. The bridge over the RR tracks is Fulton Street.

Let’s hope for good light and a saner world in 2020.

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