Week 51 -Industrial Sunrise

The juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the power of human activity always draws my attention. It’s more beautiful sometimes, especially when there is an elegance to human construction. Bridges come to mind. And sometimes the contrast of beauty and ugliness stands out. I used to live across the bay from one of the steel plants in Hamilton, Ontario, and that comes to mind.

A sunset or sunrise can make almost anything look beautiful.

I’ll leave it to you what this juxtaposition does. It’s the glory of a sunrise set against the electrical grid. I saw the sunrise looked promising this morning around 7:30am, and so quickly drove to this site near Ada Village.

First some with a telephoto lens.

And now a couple of wide-angle shots for context, one of them the cover image for this post.

Images like these make me think about what’s missing from nature, as our human presence grows ever greater. I can go for weeks without remembering that there used to be a lot more bugs, for example. Bug-splattered car windshields seem so 1990 today. It is easy to not miss bugs. But their absence is a bad sign.

But the sunrise this morning was beautiful.

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