Week 46 – Office Tchotchkes

It has been a busy week. And the weather cold. I did not get out much, let alone with my camera.

On Saturday, instead of getting out to photograph, I went to work, looking for a book that I’d left there but needed. I currently have three offices (a long story). And I visited two of them before I found the book.

While making my way to my office in Heritage Hall, the archive where I am the interim curator, I caught the KLM model airplane out of the corner of my eye, atop an old card catalog. I’d not noticed it before.

When I went to my history department office, where I found the book, I was inspired by my Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead and decided that “office tchotchkes” would be this week’s post. (That’s a Sarah Palin bobblehead in the background, looking out the window.)

DSCF0908 C1 small

The KLM model plane makes sense for an archive that features a lot of Dutch immigrant and Dutch American material. My research specialty is the mythology of the American West. So, Teddy Roosvelt, the “Rough Rider,” makes sense in my office.

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