Week 20 – Night Vision

Not my night vision, but my iPhone’s. Mine is good. What amazes me, when I remind myself about camera’s, even DSLRs, is how much better they are than five or six years ago, let alone ten or more. Photoshop and similar software deserve credit too, I think. In the past, pictures like these would have been “noise” ridden.

The road is the highway between Grand Rapids and Lowell. And the sunset over the water is the river in Lowell, by the dam.

Here’s a couple more images, random ones, taken at Calvin College with my Ricoh GRii, while walking from my office to the parking lot. I spotted one orange tulip among a planter full of pinks ones. I’m not sure if it was an accident or on purpose, but I like it.

My little Ricoh camera is amazing, still. It takes incredible close-ups. But I think that my iPhone may do better than it in terms of noise in night shots. These two were taken in daylight and are tack sharp and noise free. (I added grain to the images in Lightroom.)

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