Week 8 – Here We Go Again?

The weather has been manic-depressive for the last month. Bitter cold. Warm and everything melting. Vicious wind. Driving rain and snow. Calm and clear skies. Snowpocalypse. Ice Storm. Now Windmaggedon. Today and tomorrw, from Lake Michigan to Lake Ontario, winds gusting to 65 miles per hour (110 km).

I saw this on the way to work earlier in the week, stopped, and took a few pictures. Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids.

sun reeds lake-2small

So much for clear skies, beautiful sun, and postcard pretty. Here’s a couple shots from later in the week.

Then, Sunday, the wind and rain and snow and dire warnings from the Weather Channel, Consumers Energy, and Wood TV 8.

Weather reporters seem to have split personalities. Dr. Jekyll experesses human concern, careful warnings, and best wishes to all the people who need to deal with the weather, while Mr. Hyde delights in the chaos of the storm. All in the same five minute TV segment.

I suppose I have my own split personality. As I’m writing this, my Internet service is down, but my power is still here. And this afternoon, while watching the storm with concern, I also found time to make some photos.


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