Week 5 – Snowpocalypse (aka Polar Vortex)

Snowmaggedon and its pretty moments and aftermath. (Update: And now melting. It’s 40 degrees Farhenheit warmer today–Sunday the 3rd–than it was mid week.)


Note the “rainbow” (ice crystals, I assumed) around the sun in the cover photo, from Thursday morning. A gorgeous day, but still dangerous on the streets.

You can track the course of winter in West Michigan with my posts from the past few weeks. From no snow but cold temperatures in Week 1 and Week 2 snow, snow, and more snow since then.

Most of these were taken with my Fuji X-E3, a couple with my cellphone.

Snow Day-2

Snow Day-1

With the Snowpocalypse, West Michigan and much of the upper Midwest shut down for the bulk of work week. My school shut down on Monday, closed early on Tuesday, and shut down on Wednesday and Thursday. Countless classes and meetings missed. The theatre company had to delay dress rehearsals and its performances for a week.

I enjoyed the Monday off, but was grumpy about the rest of the week. A lot of meetings to reschedule and figuring out how to catch up with my class on Water and Human History. In the first week, I set up the course and my students and I try to get to know and trust each other. Now we’ll have to fast track all of that.

The upside, lots of time, if bitterly cold time, to make pictures. These were taken over the week, mostly while I was cooped up at home. A couple taken while driving to work or on a run.



2 replies to “Week 5 – Snowpocalypse (aka Polar Vortex)

    1. I am sure that it is normal in Finland. (A family member who lives in northern Canada said the same thing.) In Grand Rapids, it is normal to get a lot of snow (lake effect snow brought by wind the comes from the West along Lake Michagan). But the extreme cold, by local standards (-20 Celsius), the among of snow, and the driving wind was unsual. And people are not used to it here and so not prepared. Climate change is likely to make this more common, so I suspect that over time they will get used to it.

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