Odds and Ends in Grand Rapids

Window Shopping

I’ve done a couple of short photography drives/walks in downtown Grand Rapids in the past few weeks, but not posted anything on them.  That’s mostly because the images seemed stand alone rather than share something.  Mostly black and white, some color; some architecture, a bit of street scene.  Here’s a few of places big and small in Grand Rapids.

The cover image for this post is the picture window of a wig shop in Grand Rapids, on Monroe if I remember it right.  I walked by it and out of the corner of my eye spotted this “woman” staring out at me. The other images are mostly down by the Grand River, a couple of the Amway Grand Plaza hotel, a couple of the sidewalk down to the river (I liked the play of shadows).

The last two are in color. One is the carousel inside the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  You can see the river and buildings on the other side reflected in the museum windows along with the carousel and its lights inside. The last shot in the gallery is the 6th Street Bridge over the Grand River, with some buildings in the background. There’s nothing special about it; I suppose I like it because it came out like a postcard.

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