Grand Rapids in B&W and Just a Bit of Color II

6th Street Bridge

This week’s post continues the theme of the past two weeks:  the architecture and streets of Grand Rapids. This Saturday, I went a bit north of downtown, stopping at the 6th Street Bridge and taking some shots. After that, I kept going north on Monroe Avenue and stopped at this old factory to take a few. Finally, on my way home, I stopped at the corner of Fulton and College and got a few images of the construction there. As with last week, I shot most of the images with black and white in mind, but took a few when the colors begged to be shown.

The cover image is the 6th Street Bridge.  With the corporate buildings in the background and the river in the foreground, it’s a very peaceful image. The other shots provide some more context. My favorite of the shots of the old factory is the one with the rows of windows and the broken up pavement with weeds coming through in the foreground. The building is on Monroe Avenue NW near Ann Street. I think it’s the old Baker Furniture plant. The two other pictures of the factory provide context.

Finally, I thought the picture of the construction site, from the viewpoint of the garbage inside one of the concrete sewer pipe was fun.

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