Grand Rapids in Black and White

GR Bridge sm

Most of the spring I’ve been taking macro shots of plants. Lots of pretty flowers, shot from conventional and unconventional viewpoints. For the next little bit, I’ve decided to get away from color and macro and switch to mid-range and wide focal lengths and black and white.  Here’s a few pictures of Grand Rapids in black and white.

Two of the images are of construction at the Breton Village Mall. I drive by there on a regular basis and stopped to make a couple of images last week. The two images here are basically the same shot, one completely static, the other with moving cars in the scene.

The other images are from a walk-around downtown on the weekend. Some are architectural shots, others street scenes. It was a quiet morning in downtown GR, as most are, but there were a lot of guys, many with beards and bellies, heading to the convention center for annual conference of the American Homebrewers Association. Many were wearing their badge, on a lanyard around their necks, as conference goers typically do; these guys had a cup attached to their badge, ready to sample the beer at the conference and doubtless have a mild buzz going all day.

In most of the images, I was looking for strong contrasts in tones, whether in the architecture itself or in the shadows created by strong sunlight.

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