Familiar and Strange

Magnolia Leaves After the Rain V
Magnolia Leaves After the Rain V — Ricoh GR, f/9, 1/80 sec. ISO-160, 18.3mm

This weeks images are a mix. Some are familiar kinds of spring images, like those you’d find a town or city with lots of parks, back yards, and gardens. A couple are more abstract.

I saw the “cover” image on the way to work and stopped on my way to photograph it: A halo of Magnolia leaves on the ground, after the rain, around a gorgeous tree. There’s a monochrome version in the gallery below that makes it look almost like snow on the ground. THe late afternoon view of Reed’s Lake and Quiet Chair are both restful images, the later taken in a neighbor’s backyard. Reed’s Lake, especially the inlets and swampy areas is an easy place to grab a beautiful image.

The two abstract images are very different in mood, one richly textures in the green and wet of life, the other sensuous anda little menacing all at once.

I suppose both types of images speak to me, and all types capture something of the variety of life.

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