Spring Wildlife and Landscapes

Goose on Reed's Lake Diving
Fuji X-E1, f/10, 1/25 sec. ISO-200, 55mm

This week feels even more like spring than the last. The snow is finally gone from my front and back yards, spring time plants are starting to bud and bloom, and signs of wildlife are everywhere–a fat skunk waddling up the street early in the morning when I was walking my dog, birds, and more.

My favorite images this week are all landscapes and wildlife. One is on the macro scale, hostas breaking through the ground. Several are larger scale. A couple of shots are of Reed’s Lake in East Grand Rapids. And, finally, ducks and geese.

The duck hiding in the reeds was in a “rain garden” pond, where runoff water from huge, melting snow bank was giving him and his partner just enough water in which to swim and waddle. There’s also a picture of the two of them in the gallery below. The others are geese on Reed’s Lake, where I saw swans, ducks, geese, and maybe a heron (I couldn’t quite tell from a distance).

Landscapes and wildlife seem easy images to make after a long winter of looking hard to find something everyday. It’s also simply easier to be outside and use a camera, without frozen hands.


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