Geese on Reed’s Lake

Geese, Water, Ice
Fuji X-E1, f/9, 1/180 sec., ISO-200, 55mm (29 March 2014)

It feels like a spring picture.  Ice melting, a bit of open water with birds enjoying a swim. I think I finally believe it. This coming week is supposed to be warm, starting with today, with temperatures over 50 Farenheit.

I will miss being able to see the branches of trees easily when they’re covered in leaves. The skeletal quality of “naked” trees is more interesting visually than when they’re covered up–which is why I took the picture below of the large tree with the startling white branches. I shot it looking up the trunk, like Jack deciding whether to climb the beanstalk. It has an ominous beauty.

The other two shots in the gallery below are things that characterized my week.  My dog finally got to spend some time outside, in the backyard, playing with his beloved tennis balls. He’s chewing on one that you can’t see in the picture of him by the deck. And it was Spring Break for me. Some of my students were off on adventures in warm places like Florida. I spent the week in my office at home and at the library, doing some research for a book project and for a couple of new classes that I’m going to be teaching soon. The monochrome image of the library carrels is about my week. A quiet, but productive gloom in the library with all the students gone.

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