Thrift Shop Window

Thrift Shop Window
Ricoh GR, f/5, 1/160 sec., 18.3mm, ISO-200 (15 March 2014)

This is the front window of a church-run thrift-shop in my neighborhood. The combination of clothing inside and reflections from across the street caught my eye, as did the converging lines in the window, when shot from this angle.

No profound, or less than profound, thoughts on this image. I processed it in black & white, with a tint, to prevent the colors from distracting from the lines and reflections.

The other two pictures that I liked this week ware related to spring.  People think of spring as the time of new life.  I suppose so. But the first part of spring is a revelation of death and debris–potholes in the roads, pools of snow and ice melt water, sometimes flooding, and in my neighborhood long frozen dog crap, now mush in the grass and on sidewalks. Still, it is spring!

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