Decisions About Lager and Ale

Decisions About Lager and Ale
Ricoh GR, f/5, 1/40 sec., ISO-3200, 18mm (3 March 2014)

This picture captivates me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the B&W tones. More likely it’s the two couples on either side of the lone beer drinker.

The woman and man on the left looking up at the beer and hard cider menu first drew my attention. I first imagined the eventual picture in color, because of the bright clothing of the people in the picture (see below). But I worried that the bar behind them was boring in color, and thought I might end up making it a B&W. I was right about the B&W, but judge for yourself below.

I also like the bright sunlight on the backs of the five people. It’s been an unusually cold winter in Grand Rapids, and it’s been typically gray. So a bright sunny day, and bright light in an image, even indoors, felt like a gift. Plus the pizza and beer were excellent. (Harmony Brewery in GR has the best pizza crust I’ve had outside of Italy. The gruit style beer I had also was really good.)

What’s kept the picture as the background image on my computer for the past couple of days is the narrative in the picture. One couple making decisions about what to drink. One couple deep in conversation. The lone guy enjoying his beer.

There’s one more couple . . . behind the camera. Me and my patient wife, who was wondering when I’d stop paying attention to my camera and the people at the bar and start paying attention to her, the pizza, and my beer.Harmony Brewery - Color

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