The weird “winter” we’ve been having continues, with the possibility of more normal weather perhaps in February. But yesterday the war temperatures and soupy, heavy clouds gave way to a cold, bright day. I spent some time photographing nearby in the village of Ada, a bit east of Grand Rapids on the Thornapple River.

First, just because the light was pretty, an otherwise prosaic shot of the east end of the RR bridge that runs over the Thornapple River below the Ada dam.

The strong light and shadows of the late morning are visible in the RR bridge image. But they are even more obvious in these images of graffiti under the RR bridge and of the dam. I went with color for obvious reasons in the former and B&W for the latter, because there was little color.

In the second image below, stacked behind each other are the RR bridge, the covered bridge, and an automobile bridge, with buildings for shops and office under construction further in the background. The first image is those buildings.

And finally, a couple of images around the first set of shops and offices built in the past decade as the quiet village of Ada is undergoing embourgeoisement. “1821” refers to the founding of the village, presumably, not the when the building went up!

Enjoy! (I’m sure the clouds and rain will be back soon. Monday or Tuesday, I think.)

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