St. Ignace

Last weekend my wife and I went to St. Ignace, which is just over the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula of the Michigan. She went to right a 166-mile gravel race. I did photography, mostly with my DJI Mavic 3 drone. Here’s the crazy people, about to start their “fun” at 7:30 AM.

Immediately after the race started and all the riders disappeared into their self-imposed suffering, I drove to the Mackinac Bridge to see if I could capture the sunrise. Here’s one of my favorites, done with my iPhone. This is the beach area of the state park just west of the bridge. The image was made with the super-wide-angle lens on the iPhone.

After breakfast, I took my drone to the bridge and then the waterfront area of St. Ignace. I’ll save the images I did of the bridge with my drone for another post. Here are some images from the waterfront, where the ferries to Mackinac Island come in, from several angles.

Late morning, I headed north from St. Ignace to Brimley-Bay Mills area, a bit west of Sault Ste. Marie, to meet my wife at one the race’s water-aid stations. I brought her an energy drink, and some energy “gel” packs and energy “stroopwafels.”

While in the area, I stopped at the Iroquois Point Light Station, now a park. In 1662 it was the site of a battle between local Ojibwe and attacking Iroquois forces. This was part of wars involving the French and English and Ojibwe, Wendat, and Iroquois peoples, fallout of the fur trade and military alliances between European and Native peoples.

In the second image, looking northeast, you can see Canadian shores in the distance. My iPhone picked up a Canadian signal tower, which triggered a $5 charge for me from Verizon (expletive deleted). My wife’s phone did the same when she biked close to the shoreline.

Despite the $10 in unwarranted charges from Verizon, it was a lovely day. My wife finished her race, vowed never to do another, and then the next morning started planning her next 150-200-mile race. I’ll stick to photography.

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