A passerby asked me yesterday what I was photographing. I was walking on a paved trail along the Grand River east of Ada Village. I was not sure what to say. Lines. Shadows. Shapes. Patterns. Reflections. Rarely am I motivated strictly by the the object or person or setting, or by something pretty, in the photograph.

This week’s cover image is a good example. (You’ll find a full version of it below.) The reflections drew me in, along with the movement in the water. I imagined that it might make an interesting sort of abstract expressionist image, especially if the image did not convey any depth. It’s my favorite from the day, yesterday.

Here are two more, similarly of reflections of trees in water, but with the shoreline removed. I exaggerated the contrast in both cases, partly to bring out the colors. And I shifted the hues a bit, to create more color contrast.

The next two images are more representational. Same tree, but focusing on different parts of it. As I walked by, I caught it out of the corner of my eye, above to the left, and it struck me as stark against the sky. I processed it that way. It did not look as dramatic as the photograph you see below, at least not literally, but the way I’ve processed to the two images is the way that it struck me when I first glimpsed it.

Despite the thin layer of clouds, with open sky here and there, the light was consistently strong. Here’s one of those photographs that is about nothing in the conventional sense. It’s just the deep shadows on the path and the lines of the trees they point back to.

Finally, here is the cover image in full, not the cropped version you see at the top of the post or as the cover for it on my blog homepage. I first thought it might do it like the others, with the shoreline cropped out. But the trees and shrubs on the shore seemed interesting enough in this case to feature them.

As with the previous two images like this one, I flipped the image 180 degrees. Up is now down. I also rotated the image a bit to make the shoreline horizonal, rather than slightly angled askew, as it was originally. This gives the image its flat looking quality, removing any sense of depth. (Using a telephoto lens, 200mm, from a distance, also helped with that.

It has been a delight for the past two weeks to be outside, or even just look out a window, with many days of sunlight and pleasant temperatures. The skeptical Great Lakes person in me is waiting to see what’s next. But if it may be a bit cooler next week, with some ran, the forecasts also promised more sun.

Enjoy the warmer weather. And stay safe out there. COVID-19 numbers are falling nationally, but here in Michigan they’ve been rising for the past couple of weeks. So stay disciplined with masks, so we can get back on a downward case load trend and enjoy a summer that is closer to normal.

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