Just Winter

This past week, winter in West Michigan began to look normal, while much of the rest of the South was in a brutal, unusual deep freeze. We had cold nights, yes, but weather in the 20s Fahrenheit during the day, with forecasts for weather in the 30s this coming week.

You can see the results of all the snow and very cold weather in the past few weeks in the first two images. When I saw the morning sun on the snow, on Saturday, I grabbed a camera and took a few shots outside. [For all images, double-click to see a larger size.]

Later that morning, I ran an errand, taking a camera with me. When I went by Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, I saw people ice fishing and walking dogs on the lake. Here are a few images. I processed all of them to highlight the bright snow. The sky was mostly cloudy, but enough light was coming through that it was very bright.

Looking north, as in the above image, the light was more blue. Looking southeast, it was a bit warmer.

I was not the only person on the lake with a camera.

A couple people ice fishing a bit north of me caught my attention as they were finishing up and pulling together their gear.

East of me was a large group of people, many of the with tents. And more dogs.

Once back home, thinking about the warm weather next week, I spent some time cleaning the snow off the edges of my roof, with an eye to avoiding large icicles on the gutters. Just because winter in West Michigan is looking a bit more normal does not mean all good. It can mean slush, ice, heavy snow, and dangerous roads.

So, wherever you all, stay safe, and stay warm.

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