Week 44 – Strong Light

Saturday morning was cold, but bright. I did not get out to photograph until after my weekly shopping run. The sky was clear, the sun strong, and the shadows deep.

It made for some forceful images. The first three all involve the steeple of the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids. Two are reflections in the windows of the Meijer Majestic Theatre–i.e., the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; one is the steeple itself.

The next set is shadows, bright sun, windows, and reflections–and the buildings on which they are playing. Both images are on Fountain Street, near the corner with Division.

The first plays with the arches of an older building and the renovations inside the one across the street, with strong, bright light on the sides framing deep shadows in the center. Inside and outside all mixed up. The second was a quick “snap” of a shot, but the photo stuck with me.

Finally, a COVID19 inspired shot. It’s a tent in the parking lot between the Commons and the Fine Arts Center at Calvin University. Students have been using it to eat and meet. And at least one music class (orchestra?) has used it on occasion.

The sharp light and shadows caught my eye Saturday morning, when I swung by the campus to pick something up from my office.

It’s getting colder, and wetter, so students are being forced inside. As the number of cases in West Michigan counties spike, including in Kent, where Grand Rapids is located, the danger of a spike on campuses like Calvin’s goes up. The number of confirmed COVID19 cases (students and staff) and number of students in quarantine doubled between Thursday and Friday. Let’s hope that they did not double again over the weekend.

I say it every blog post pretty much, but it feels more dire this week in America: Stay safe.

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