Week 38 – Windows

Saturday, I went for a photo walkaround in East Grand Rapids. I looked for windows and reflections in stores and restaurants and imagined images in black and white.

In the first set of images, it’s the reflections that I emphasized. In two images, I played with mixing up the inside and outside of landscape and architectural features. In two others, it’s about the “people.” The people walking or biking by outside. And the mannequin watching from the inside.

The second set of images features windows in which reflections are not essential to the image. In the first image, as you might imagine, it was the chairs, not the glass door, that caught my eye. In the second it was the mannequins and sales sign in the window.

Just for a change of pace, here’s one of the images from the first set in color. I was playing with Luminar 4, a new edition of a program that does some things really well that I like. In this case, it’s a preset where I like the color and contrast.

As you can see, if you compare the images, I’ve also changed the sky. An automated sky feature is a fun element in Luminar that I don’t use when I’m being “serious,” and won’t use without letting the viewer know. But this version of the image was about playing with the features of the program, so . . .

Enjoy! And stay safe out there.

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