Week 13 – Spring Break?

This week, technically, was Spring Break where I teach. And I was at home all week, not in the office or classroom. But of course, it felt nothing like Spring Break.

Stuck at home sheltering in place because of Covid-19 feels more like me and the world holding our breath, desperately, waiting for some rough beast to come. Hoping it won’t. Plus I had a lot of work to do.

The photos I took, and the ones I picked for the blog post, are characterized by delicacy.

The first two are of the same tree. (Different lens.) One day there was snow on it, captured before it could be blown off or melt. Later in the week, during heavy rain, drops of water balancing precariously.

The second two photos are close-ups. I don’t have a macro lens for the camera, but an extension tube gets me close.

One image, in black and white, is of cilantro in glass in front of the kitchen window. I like how the light comes through the leaves, the way leaves come in and out of focus, and the bright, not quite high key light. There’s a fragile beauty.

The other, in muted color, is more somber. Kleenex, again, like a couple shots from last week. Not in high key light like last week, but now defined by shadows.

Amazing what you can do with a box of Kleenex.

Stay safe, everyone.

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