Week 6 – Closeup

When I’ve had a chance to photograph this past week, it has looked like this.


So this week I’ve stayed indoors mostly to photograph. The cover image was taken through an open window. The featured images this week are all macro images using an extension tube on a 45mm lens.

I’ve not used one of these before. It’s interesting. With the extension tube on the lens, I don’t have a full 1:1 macro effect. It’s about 1:2 instead. And, rather than the lens focusing normally, on objects up close and at a distance, it can only focus on a narrow range–about 4 inches from the lens. Still, it works.

Here are my three favorites from the week. One is the cover image, with the tips of leaves in focus. The second is books on a shelf. And the third is the chain on a bicycle.

I processed most of the images in black and white to avoid the distraction of color and to highlight the macro effect. Here’s an exception.

ext tube (3)


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