Week 4 – Leaving Maui, Going Home

Our last full day in Maui, Monday, was a bit lazy. We did a humid but pretty hike in Kapalua, the high-priced resort and golf course part of west Maui. The Kapalua Coastal Trail. It’s part asphalt, part dirt and rocky ground. It has some gorgeous beaches and attracts surfers. One part of the trail is beside a fairway and green. I did not see any golfballs on the trail or nearby rocks. Also, no unconscious hikers hit by a ball.

The next day, Tuesday, was our last in Maui. We had to leave our Airbnb by 11:00 AM and then figure out what to do until our flight that evening. No place to shower after getting hot and sweaty. No desire to annoy people sitting near us on the plane with sweaty B.O. No hikes that day. Lots of food, coffee, some last Maui Brewery beer, reading, walks.

The airport was pleasantly rustic, cool with the setting of the sun by a bit after 6:00 AM. Here are a few last shots of Maui, featuring the airport.

The flight home was blessedly uneventful and relatively pleasant with “Economy Premium” seats–a luxury worth paying for on an eight-hour flight. On the way to Maui, we left Grand Rapids late and arrived in Dallas 15 minutes before our Maui flight took off. We sprinted (literally) with our carryon bags to the train that circles the terminals. Then sprinted from the train to our gate. It was closed. But the person sitting there reopened it for us, because the maintenance staff were still there, finishing preparations for the plane to leave the gate. Our checked bag did not make it.

This time, both people and all our bags made it with no incidents or drama, home to Grand Rapids.

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