Week 2 – Ice

The buildup to the storm on Saturday and Sunday was immense. “Ice-pocalypse.” Thank goodness the real thing was not nearly so bad.

[A sad thing for me this weekend was news of the death of Neal Peart, the drummer from the progressive rock band Rush. Age 67. Brain cancer. I normally don’t mention this kind of stuff on this blog. But Peart and Rush were the sound of my adolescence, with songs like “Tom Sawyer.” At the end of this blog post, I’ve added a video of Peart doing his iconic drum solo in “YYZ.” Rolling Stone obituary here.]

Here’s a few shots of the first storm of 2020 in West Michigan, taken wandering around my house this morning.

The first couple are of a struggling miniature red maple tree.

I love the color in these ornamental grasses. Dead looking for months now (I won’t cut them until spring), they still have gorgeous color.

icy weekend-4

Some grass and berries, covered in ice.

Finally, something completely different. An abstract of reflections inside and outside the house. The lines and color caught the corner of my eye. Perhaps a reminder of the fact that it was warm and dry inside while it was cold and wet and icy outside.

icy weekend-7

I suppose that the thing that always strikes me about images like these, after an ice storm, is the colors. I often think of white and grey when I think of snow. But the snow and ice make the light bright, even on a cloudy day. And they can make what color there is brighter and deeper than they normally seem.

Till next week.


In honor of Neal Peart. R.I.P. Rush performing YYZ, with a Peart drum solo starting at about 3:20. Including the xyzophone. The video quality is not great, but its Peart at his melodic, driving, slamming best.


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