Windy Long Exposures at Grand Haven

The pictures from last week’s blog post are from Saturday, a rainy evening. My umbrella kept me and my camera mostly dry. It was cloudy, but no rain, and extremely windy along the shore in Grand Haven. I got soaked. My camera stayed dry, however!

Many of my long exposures, lasting from 8 to 30 seconds or so, were shaky because of the wind. I held the tripod down, steady, but the wind buffeted the camera anyway. Here are two shots where you can get a sense of it.

The first one is shaky (look at the metal gangway on the pier. The second, not a long exposure, shows the waves.

Up on the pier, my camera and I were exposed to the waves. Several times I got soaked by waves, once up to my waist as I quickly pivoted to cover my camera and take the brunt of the wave.

There were many more people at the pier than the rainy night before, including a photographer shooting a couple, and a couple sitting quietly together. Not all of these suffered from camera shake, but most have a bit of motion blur.

Finally, here’s a shot of the approaching sunset. The motion blur gives the image a painterly feel. The paired shot is one of the pier without people. This is the one where I got soaked protecting my camera.


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