Week 24 – Coffee Shop in Boyne

Simona did the Spring Classic Michigan Mountain Mayhem ride this Saturday in Boyne City, Michigan. It poured rain when we drove up Friday afternoon. It slowed down a bit as we walked to dinner at a pub in Boyne.

The next morning it was pouring again, persistent but not torrential. Dutifully, I drove Simona to the start of the race. at the Boyne City high school. There, she waited a bit to see if the rain would slow and see if she could find someone to ride with. She found someone she knows and they rode off. After slowing down, where numerous bikers had to stop and fix tires because someone had spread tacks on the street, they headed for the intended mountains and mayhem, the rain turning to bright sun.

In the meantime, I had coffee, read a book, and walked and drove around to see what might inspire me to take some photographs. Boats and harbors did not do it for me, though Lake Charlevoix has lots of pretty houses and boats around it. So I went back for more coffee and reading.

People watching, in between book reading and coffee drinking, proved more inspiring. This first set is in color and shows off the people sitting and enjoying coffee. The mom with the little girl and the baby in the stroller leads to the first image in the next set.

I took this second set with my iPad, pausing reading on Kindle to snap some shots. The first of the bunch is my favorite, with the infant in the stroller wearing sunglasses.  I turned these black and white.

After all the sitting, I went back to walking around, got a great sandwich at The Lake Street Market, and headed to the park where Simona’s ride finished. Shorts Brewery was providing the food and drink, so I had Bellaire Brown.

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