Week 2 – “Staycation”

A week of vacation at home!

Simona and I took this week off.  She worked most of the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so I did too, mostly, despite the college being shut down. So we did this week instead. The time we had off was short enough that we decided not to travel, but rest and relax and hang out at home. Eat, sleep, read, watch movies and TV, and exercise.

coffee-4 resize b

So rather than exotic places, this week’s images are very domestic. Stuff at home or at cafes and restaurants. The weather was a bit dingy, but bright lights and a warm fire help. I did manage to find one sort-of-pretty sunrise.

sunrise aurora

It’s a fun challenge to try to see ordinary things and moments in interesting ways.

food-2hands-9bglasses-7bicycles etc-6coffee-7iceandsun-11 small

Back to work on Monday for me. Simona started a new round of shifts on Friday.


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