Pentax K-10D, 1/5 sec., f/6.3, ISO-1600, 250mm (February 9, 2014)

This past week flew by, with a lot of busy days and a couple of full evenings. Though I got a bit of a break from shoveling, with a lighter week of snow, the inertia of winter, the cold, the wind, continued. I did not have much time or inclination for doing photography. You can find the photos I submitted for my 365 project at my Blipfoto account. I’m more than a bit sick of winter scenes and having a hard time finding stuff in the house interesting to shoot.

The picture I chose is one of my wife Simona. The one I almost chose is the sun shining through a curtain icicles, with a tangle of trees and branches and a house in the background.

I like the picture of Simona because she’s in it. She’s studying for a test tomorrow in her physician assistant program. Her determined, serious concentration is the kind of thing I like to see in a medical professional! I chose it for my picture of the week it because of what it captures about her, working away in her office while the sun is shining outside, doing what nobody wants to be doing on a weekend afternoon. It’s about my affection for her and my admiration for her willingness to take the risks and do the hard work of a major career change. But the image itself gets the job done too, capturing her day in an instant. (She did get a run in too.)

Icicles and Sun
Pentax K-10D, 1/100 sec., f/18, ISO-400, 70mm (February 5, 2014)

The other picture I could have gone with this week is one of the late afternoon sun giving cold icicles handing from my back roof a warm glow. I’ve been putting off taking a close look at the possible ice dam on the back of my house. This one I can deal with if necessary. I can’t do much about one that might be developing on the front of the house, where the edge of the roof and the rain gutter are 25 feet above the ground. I suppose the picture is about the promise of warm sunny weather and spring, the annoyances that come with owning a 85 year-old house, and the laziness of someone who’d rather play with a camera than get out a roof rake.

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