Urban Garden

Urban Garden
Fuji X-E1, f/6.4, 1/220 sec., 18mm, ISO-200

This is my favorite among all the photos I took in 2013, I think. I saw the flowers while walking my dog, and snapped a picture with my camera phone. The picture wasn’t very good. I find it hard to get a sharp image with a 100-pound German Shepherd pulling at me, and while trying to look through the camera and make sure the dog isn’t eating bark, or garbage, or worse.

After dropping the dog off at home, I went back with a proper camera and framed this shot. I waiting for cars to come by and took several shots. This was the best in terms of framing and sharpness. (It was windy and the flower was out of focus in many shots.

What draws me to this image, I think, is the delicate color and texture of the flower set against the urban environment of cars, houses, and a city crew going up the street and installing new sewer pipes.

(Taken in October 2013)

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