Morning on Miami Beach

Morning on Miami Beach
Fuji X-E1, f/9, 1/30 sec., 20mm, ISO-2000

Most years my wife and I visit her family in Europe, one sister and her parents living in Italy, the other sister living in France at the moment. This year, over Christmas, we met her parents in Miami, and did a tour of southern Florida–the Keys, the Everglades, the Orlando area, and Fort Lauderdale.

This image is an early morning, just after sunrise, on Miami beach, behind the hotel where we stayed. Over night the hotel staff stack the chairs and other equipment they provide for their guests. There were few people on the beach that time of day, except for a few runners, early morning risers with cameras, like me, and this man, walking with his basket.

He seems to have a sense of direction, heading somewhere in particular. I wonder what’s in the basket. It’s one of my favorite pictures from the trip, perhaps because of the peacefully lonely quality beach that time of day, the muted colors with the clouds mostly hiding the early morning sunlight, and the lone man on the vast beach adding a bit of mystery.

(Taken in December 2013)

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