This weekend I realized that I’d not photographed the business district in Ionia, Michigan, last summer and fall when that was my project. So I went for a quick visit this weekend. I had a busy day with chores of various sorts. But, the main drag in Ionia was mostly quiet. I likely will go back for a more thorough job later this spring.

First a contact shot. The town dates to the 1830s, when the first European-American settlers arrived. It was platted in the 1840s, became a village in the 1860s, and a city in the 1870s. The early economy included agriculture and logging, as was common in Michigan. There also were nearby quarries. Ionia got a railroad line in the 1850s, which was important for it economic development.

As the above shot indicates, the business district has some lovely old buildings. The street is paved with bricks. Below are a few images of some of the scenes and buildings on Saturday, late morning and early afternoon.

More details on the history, and more images from the town, to follow in a subsequent post.

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